What is an Asbestos Survey?

An asbestos survey is necessary prior to any repair, renovation, demolition, and remodeling activity begins. It is compulsory for all exterior and interior building materials. The survey is a written statement prepared from a detailed inspection utilizing the methods and analysis in EPA regulations. It is aimed to determine whether the structures or materials to be repaired, removed, demolished or renovated may have suspected asbestos containing materials. A copy of the report must be kept at the work site during all renovation activities. The survey is performed by an AHERA (Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act) certified building inspector.

The first step in the asbestos survey is the identification of asbestos containing materials within the premises. The report contains the estimated location, approximate quantity of each material determined to contain asbestos, and a graphic representation of locations where bulk asbestos sample was taken. The friability and condition of asbestos-containing materials shall also be described in the asbestos survey. asbestos survey company

As per the usage, activity and planned works of your buildings, you may require different types in different areas of premises. There are three types of asbestos survey: Type 1 – Location and assessment survey (Presumptive or non intrusive survey), Type 2 – Standard sampling, identification and assessment survey (Sampling survey) and Type 3 – Full access sampling and identification survey (Pre-demolition/major refurbishment survey).

The type I survey is meant to locate the presence and amount of suspect asbestos containing materials in the building; and to evaluate their condition. The most common type is Type 2 that offers all the information required to conform to present legislation. The intention and procedures used in this survey are similar for Type 1, except that the surveyor will collect and analyze samples of all suspected materials for the presence of asbestos. A Type 3 survey is compulsory before any major renovation or demolition works.


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