The Fantasy Football Strategy of Value Based Drafting

It’s not about how many points a player scores in fantasy football, it’s about how much he out scores the other players at his position. Value Based Drafting (VBD) is a way to compare two players at different positions. Quarterbacks typically score the most points, but running backs are more valuable, because the drop off in talent happens faster. There comes a point when it is a better value to draft a great quarterback over a good running back, but what is that point? VBD can help you figure out that point so you can make sure you’re drafting the best players available. The role of the fantasy scout in fantasy football is to put together this list, also known as a cheat sheet so that casual players can have a leg up on their competition.


To get a player’s VBD number, get a set of projections from your favorite fantasy football website. To start you find the last starter and how many points that last starter is going to score. If you are in a 12 man league that starts one quarterback, you would find the 12th ranked quarterback and how many points he is projected to score this season. You would then take that the amount of points each player is going to score and subtract the amount that the last starter is going to score. Say the 12th highest quarterback is expected to score 250 points this season, you would then take the 450 points that the top quarterback is expected to score and subtract the 250 to get 200 points. This 200 points is that quarterbacks VBD number. You then do this with all the other quarterbacks to get all of their VBD numbers. If you use an electronic spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel or Google Documents you can save yourself a lot of time.

Next you find the last starter for running backs, wide receivers, tight ends, defenses, and kickers and do the same thing for each position to get each player’s VBD number. Then take all of the players and put them in order from the highest VBD to the lowest. Odds are there will be 6-9 running backs at the top of the list and then a quarterback or wide receiver will start to mix in as you keep listing all the players by their VBD number until all of the players are listed. You now have your list of who you view as the most valuable players based on the projections you chose. Using different projections would give you a different list of players based on the VBD numbers, but overall it probably will only have minor differences. บ้านผลบอล


A good aspect of VBD is that it allows you to compare players at different positions to each other, and come up with an overall rankings, or draft list. Just because a quarterback scores more points than a running back or wide receiver doesn’t mean that he is necessarily more valuable than running back or wide receiver, and VBD can show you how much more or how much less valuable that player is. This is a handy strategy to run through if you want to come up with your own draft list.


The downside of Value Based Drafting is that it is based purely on each players projected stats. Most prognosticators don’t plan for injuries or sway their projections to try to reflect a player’s injury risk. VBD is based purely on projections, and doesn’t take into account a players risk factor, consistency on the field or their potential.


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